This is a biography of John Nelson Darby, the founder of the 'Brethren Movement' in the mid nineteenth century. It was in this group that Marion grew up. However, by the middle of the twentieth century much of Darby's original teachings, based firmly on the Bible, had been lost. Darby was an amazing man. He trained, but did not practise, as a barrister, and later was ordained into the Church of England and Ireland. Later, becoming disillusioned with the established Church, he started, with others, a movement to return to the simplicity of worship that the early Church  practised. Darby travelled widely and the 'Brethren Movement' spread. He was also a talented linguist and translated the Bible. The style of this work is different from Marion's other biographies as it is more 'academic'; there is no dialogue and footnotes have been included.


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